– Ben Martens

Cougar Mountain

On Sunday, Rachel and I met at the Cougar Mountain trailhead for an afternoon hike. The weather was perfect for hiking – 65 and sunny. The hike came from a book of local hikes that Tim bought last summer. It's the first one in the book (seemed like a good place to start.) While there wasn't a lot of great scenic views, it was a good workout and a nice chance to chat for a few hours. We made the 6.2 mile hike with 1700 miles feet of cumulative elevation gain in exactly three hours.

I was pretty excited to reach the peak and see what was in store. Unfortunately, I still don't know because there is absolutely no view. It's just the highest point on the hill and it's surrounded by trees so you can't see anything. There was a couple up there who had just moved to Seattle from Chicago. We shared a laugh about the anticlimactic summit and then they took off.

Rachel grabbed the notebook out of the tuperware box and proceeded to read through entries from previous hikers. Along with various comments about people who claimed to have peed on the pen, there were some interesting notes. The first was something to the effect of: "Been here for three months. Running out of food and water and the squirrels have stopped talking to me." The longest entry (three pages!) was from a 24 year old girl who was in love with her 57 year old professor. She was on a hike to figure out what it all meant and straighten things out in her head. I feel like she probably failed.

I'm hoping that there will be many more hikes this summer so I have started a hiking photo gallery. Pictures from this hike are available in the gallery.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dad for catching my units error. It's probably not that surprising if you remember that I worked for Lockheed.