– Ben Martens

Crosscut Hardwoods

crosscutseattleI love the early phases of a new hobby because there’s so much to explore. As I’ve started learning about working with┬ánicer wood, I’ve heard lots of people talking about Crosscut Hardwoods in Seattle. Elijah and I took a trip over there last weekend and my mind was blown.

It’s an unassuming building in the industrial district south of the stadiums. Walk in and you find a few huge rooms with more woods than you knew existed. Want some Honduran Rosewood? They have that. How about Fiji Mahogany or Port Orford Cedar? Got that too. You can see the full list on their site.

But they don’t just have lots of wood, they have it in a huge variety of sizes. You can get it milled different ways at really big lengths (20+ feet!) Once you’ve decided what you want, you pay for it and then they will cut it up a bit so that you can transport it.

They have lots more in addition to hardwoods including a big selection of specialty plywoods, flooring and countertops.

I was only there for a recon mission but I scooped up some interesting looking offcuts from their “pay by the pound” pile. To make really good use of this store, I really need to get a band saw and a thickness planer┬áso that I can mill the wood into the exact size that I need for a project.