– Ben Martens

New Shop

My parents are embarking on a huge adventure this summer. They are building a new shop/garage beside their existing two car garage! The end result will feature a workshop area divided from a garage bay that is big enough to hold their Allis Chalmers WD 45 tractor and some other things. I dream about having something like this someday (or just a property big enough to hold it!)

While Dad is planning to do most of the work by himself, he did contract out the foundation. That got laid this week. It’s hard to believe they were able to cram three cement trucks down that 1/4 mile long dirt road driveway and maneuver them in the area by the house!

momdadshop_cement momdadshop_foundation

One thought on “New Shop

  1. Dudley

    Nice post Ben. Now, on to the next step. Watching the concrete being poured was surreal, after so much planning and struggle to find help to do the concrete.