– Ben Martens

Meat Week – Maui Beef Ribs

I’ve had an idea for a while of doing something called “meat week.” I’d grill something different every day for a week and blog about each one. It seems like a delicious idea, but I could never find the right week to do it.

The time has come, but I’ve decided to slow it down a bit. We like to make leftovers when we cook so that we don’t have to cook every night. So I won’t be grilling every night, but every meal we eat for a while will be from the grill and I’ll blog about it here.

Sunday was the first day and we grilled “maui beef ribs” from the butcher along with some potatoes, carrots and zucchini. The meat is their tri-tip steak that is sliced thinly and marinated. Deeeelicious! It’s only the second time we’ve bought that item and both times I’ve left them on the grill too long. They’re really thin so you hardly need any time on the grill.