– Ben Martens

Custom Return Labels

At seemingly random times from seemingly random companies, we’ll get return labels in the mail. It’s usually in conjunction with someone trying to guilt you in to making a donation. Sometimes the labels are decent and sometimes they’re so bad that you wouldn’t even put them on junk mail.

When we were moving to the new house, I found a box that had some blank return labels just waiting to be printed. It seems pretty complicated to get everything spaced out properly, but it’s actually really easy. I’ll explain how to do this with Office 2010 but this feature has been around as long as I can remember so it should be in your version somewhere.

1. Fire up Microsoft Word
2. Click the Mailings tab in the ribbon
3. Click Labels
4. Click Options
5. Choose your Label Vendor (it’s probably Avery) and then choose the product number

From there you just design one of your labels and Word will automatically create a whole sheet full of them with the proper spacing for the blank labels that you purchased. Run it through your printer and you’re done!

If you’ve gotten snail mail from our house, you’ve seen that our labels have a picture of Oskar on them. Go crazy and do whatever you want. Then you can ignore the little guilt trip that comes with using those freebie labels in the mail.