– Ben Martens

Garden: Take 2

When we started getting some warm weather at the beginning of April, I jumped the gun and tried to start the garden. A tomato plant and two strawberry plants which I put under a homemade hoop house and some volunteer cilantro and rosemary plants from last year are doing very well, but none of the seeds I planted came up.

It was time to give up on those seeds and start over so a few days ago I planted more tomatos, lettuce, zucchini, beans, another cilantro plant and my experiment for the year: cantaloupe. The garden area doesn’t get much sun so I’m trying to put the tomatoes back against the fence where they can catch some radiant heat. With the ~80 degree weather that we’ve been having for the past few days, I’m hoping the seeds are getting off to a good start.

If all goes well with the yard remodel, next year the garden should get a lot more sun. I’m also thinking about working in an easy way to cover the garden in a simple greenhouse during the early part of the year.