– Ben Martens

Daily Contacts

acuvuemoistI’ve been wearing contacts since sixth grade. More specifically, I’ve been wearing A contact since sixth grade. There were only a few years in there where I had to wear a contact in both eyes. I’ve always had the disposable ones that last two weeks before you’re supposed to toss them.

I recently switched to a new eye doctor and he gave me a trial of the Acuvue Moist daily wear contacts. As the name implies, you open up a new package and then toss the contact away at the end of the daily. The benefit is that you get a fresh feeling contact all the time and you don’t have to buy any contact solution. When you’re traveling, that’s one less liquid to worry about in your carry on.

I was previously using the Acuvue Oasys and these new ones are about double the cost. But since I only need a contact in one eye, that extra cost still fits mostly within my annual health plan budget.

So far I’m really liking them. One of my favorite parts is being able to pop my contact out whenever I feel like it without going in to the bathroom and putting it in it’s case. Is it worth the extra cost? Ehhh… if I had to pay very much out of pocket, I probably wouldn’t do it, but for basically free? Yeah, why not?

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