– Ben Martens

Eastside Burgers

More and more great burger places are popping up in the Bellevue/Redmond area. It’s a delicious trend to behold.

The first one (of the ones in this post) was Lunchbox Laboratory. They have a comical menu of awesome burger concoctions. Check out their menu to see what I mean. And don’t gloss over the side dishes. You can get creative and have them apply melted cheese, bacon bits and more to your tater tots or fries.

Next up is Feed Co Burgers in Redmond. This place is great for a quick meal with a young kid in tow. You get a delicious burger and lots of choices of beers on tap, but you order at the counter so the total meal time is much shorter. Side dishes are great here too. Tyla always chooses the fried cheese curds.

The newest entry is Tipsy Cow in Redmond. This restaurant combines the slightly hipster vibe of Feed Co with the bigger menu of Lunchbox Lab. Most recently, I had a burger with fried egg, fried bacon, caramelized onions and more (pictured).

It’s awesome to see what all these places come up with in the realm of gourmet burger. Five Guys is a staple in my restaurant list, but if I’m looking for something a little fancier, all three of these places are excellent choices!