– Ben Martens

Elijah Dallon Martens

On Saturday morning at 2:39am, Elijah Dallon Martens was born! He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 20.5”. Tyla and Elijah both did great. We came home from the hospital on Monday morning and we’re still trying to figure out how get any sleep.

We’ve been keeping his name a secret the whole pregnancy and it’s fun to say it in public now. The name Elijah was on one of the few names we both had on our individual lists. Dallon is my dad’s first name. So Elijah’s middle name is his grandpa’s last name, just like it is for me and my dad, etc.

While we are thrilled to be home, the hospital was incredible. If we do this again, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Evergreen a second time. Everyone from the doctors to the nurses to the lactation consultants to the janitors were super helpful and friendly. As first time parents, it was comforting to know that whenever we had a question, all we had to do was push a button on the bed and an expert would walk in to not only give us the answer to that question, but also provide lots of background on the topic. We made good use of those opportunities and asked tons of questions. A lot of this is still a mystery to me, but I can’t imagine being home along with a newborn without the education we received in the last two days over and above all the classes we took.

Pastor Weiser from our church came to visit on Saturday afternoon and baptized Elijah. There was no medical rush for it to happen but Tyla and I both felt a lot better having it done right away instead of waiting a week or two. We’re planning a quick affirmation of the baptism in church this coming Sunday. The service is at 9:30 and you’re all welcome to come!

I will get more pics posted as soon as I find 10 minutes to sit at the computer, but here are a couple to get you started.