– Ben Martens

GTX660 Review

When I built my latest PC, I specifically left out a graphics card. I generally don’t play graphically intense games on my computer and I wanted to see how the integrated HD 4000 graphics from Intel worked. That experiment worked well and most of the time I didn’t notice that there was no dedicated graphics card.

With the release of the latest Sim City and Cities in Motion 2, I decided it was time to get a real graphics card. $200 was my target budget so it pretty quickly came down to the GTX660 and the Radeon HD 7870. While the 7870 has slightly better performance, I opted for the NVidia card because I’m still boycotting ATI graphics cards after they screwed me over twice.

This GTX660 isn’t a top of the line card by any means, but it’s a nice fit for my system. I can crank the Sim City graphics settings up to the max at 1080p resolution and the card is still nice and quiet. So far it gets two thumbs up!