– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football 2019 – Season Wrapup

It felt like the Seahawks played a pretty solid game in Philadelphia and they were almost certainly helped out by in-game injuries to key Eagles players. Next week they’ll have an even tougher opponent in Lambeau, but according to the projections, neither of those teams have a great shot at beating the 49ers. Over in the AFC it’s looking like the Ravens will be Super Bowl bound, but it’s the NFL and anything can happen… unless it really is all rigged in which case only the scripted story can happen.

I looked through the stats from this year and found it interesting that Tim dominated the league while only making about a half does changes to his team! I made a lot more transactions (2nd most behind Logan) and got the most points in the league from my signings after the daft:

  • Tim had 2027.1 points from his draft team
  • Ben got 856.51 from post draft acquisitions

After dominating the league last year, Mahomes was solid again this year with 339.04 points but Lamar Jackson crushed everyone with 487.68 which is a whopping 74.48 more than second place! However, that second place scorer is Christian McCaffrey and it’s rare that we get anything other than a QB in our top spots. To find the next non-QB, you have to go down to Michael Thomas in 15th with 300.10 points. You can find the full list here.

Here is wall of glory for our league. Congratulations to Tim for not only taking his first victory, but making his first appearance in the top 3 since 2014 when he finished 3rd. And honorable mention goes to Tyler who has been in the championship game both years in the league!

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2019Beer-meKrazy KanuckGoat Ropers
2018RAAAWWWRRRRR!!!Krazy KanuckGoat Ropers
2017Goat RopersKool Aid KidHelmetheads
2016Goat RoperscmdLimeRAAAWWWRRRRR!!!
2015cmdLimeGoat RopersKool Aid Kid
2013Goat RopersRAAAWWWRRRRR!!!EndOverEnd
2012Kool Aid KidGoat RopersRAAAWWWRRRRR!!!
2011RAAAWWWRRRRR!!!We Like SportzKool Aid Kid
2010HelmetheadsThe ShockersKool Aid Kid
2009HelmetheadsEnd Over EndiSetty
2008Kool Aid KidTimoteoThe Mountains
2007The MountainsKool Aid KidHelmetheads

And finally, I pulled the full finishing order for every year and calculated some stats for each manager. It’s a little goofy with some people who joined the league for a year or two and left but I’ll leave them in there.

SeasonsWin %Avg RankWorst RankBest RankPlayoff %

I hope to see you all back next year! But if you want out, please let me know as soon as you can because I’ll want to find a replacement.