– Ben Martens

New Edge Browser

Back in 2016, I switched to Chrome. It was so far superior to Internet Explorer or Edge that I couldn’t resist anymore. But for the last few months, I’ve switched completely to the new Edge browser on desktop and mobile.

If you haven’t heard, the Edge browser has been completely rewritten on top of the same rendering engine that the Chrome browser uses. So if it’s Chrome underneath, why switch? Two reasons: 1) Since Microsoft already owns me, I’m more comfortable with them having access to my browsing information than Google. 2) SPEEEED. Chrome is no slouch but it has gotten a bit bloated and the new Edge browser is sleek and fast. I especially notice it in pages that run lots of Javascript.

Switching was relatively painless, but the one thing that still annoys me is that Edge can’t sync my extensions across various installations of the browser. So when I add a new extension, I have to add it to all of my machines individually. The feature is coming, but it does annoy me regularly.

So if you’re interested in trying a different browser, I give the new Edge browser two thumbs up. You can download it for free here: