– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football Team Stats

The Seahawks have sure had a lot of tight games this year. And my super-informed 8-8 prediction proved to be quite pessimistic. 10-6 is way better than I dreamed after their roster took such a big hit. Kudos to Pete Carroll and crew! I wonder what’s they’ll do in the playoffs. They looked great against a Chiefs team that was much better by the numbers (but maybe the loss of Kareem Hunt will destroy them), but then the Seahawks had a tough time with the Cardinals who have the worst record in the league.

Anyway, let’s check out our own league. I’ve long theorized that to make the playoffs in our league, you need to be actively looking for new players throughout the season, but I had no proof. Or maybe that’s just my approach and the key really is a good draft? So at the end of this season, I wrote a program that grabbed our roster for every week and the number of points scored by each player.Here are the stats that I came up with…

How many non-bench points were scored by players that were on the roster in week 1?

Team Points
Goat Ropers 1533.27
EndOverEnd 1492.07
Helmetheads 1475.55
Krazy Kanuck 1457.42
Insert Creative Name 1251.15
Beer-me 1219.57
Kool Aid Kid 1103.25

How many week 1 players were still on the roster in week 16?

Team Count
Helmetheads 11
EndOverEnd 10
Insert Creative Name 9
Beer-me 7
Goat Ropers 5
Kool Aid Kid 4
Krazy Kanuck 4

How many different players were on the roster throughout the season?

Team Count
Goat Ropers 47
Kool Aid Kid 45
Krazy Kanuck 35
Beer-me 25
Insert Creative Name 23
EndOverEnd 21
Helmetheads 21

Which free agent acquisitions averaged the most points per week? (Top 10 by Points Per Week descending)

Team Player Points NumWeeks PointsPerWeek
Goat Ropers Jameis Winston 58.8 2 29.4
Kool Aid Kid Patrick Mahomes 408.56 14 29.2
Insert Creative Name Miami 26.74 1 26.7
Insert Creative Name Russell Wilson 179.6 7 25.7
Krazy Kanuck Damien Williams 48.8 2 24.4
Krazy Kanuck Matt Ryan 297.96 13 22.9
Krazy Kanuck Doug Baldwin 22.1 1 22.1
Beer-me Jared Goff 300.78 14 21.5
Beer-me Giovani Bernard 40.7 2 20.4
Goat Ropers Andrew Luck 158.54 8 19.8

I don’t really know what to make of this. In general, it does look like a good draft is a big help, but it’s not critical. There does seem to be a correlation between the number of roster moves and your ability to make the playoffs.

Do you have ideas for similar stats to investigate?