– Ben Martens

Find My Phone

“Where’s my phone?” is a common question in our house, and I’m guessing we’re not alone. Assuming you aren’t able to have someone call your phone for whatever reason, here are two alternatives we use.

  1. We have some WeMo light switches in the house. I hooked them up to IFTTT. If we hold down the light switch button for more than 2-3 seconds, it will call our phones. If the ringer is off, that might not help a lot.
  2. Type “Find my phone” into Google (or visit the Android Device Manager page). This is where you’d go if you lost your phone and want to wipe it remotely, but it also has a “Ring” feature that will ringer your phone even if the volume is turned off. I’m guessing there is something similar for iPhones too.

Calling our cell phones is one of the main reasons we still have a landline, but we’re looking to drop that (and switch our alarm monitoring solution) so we’ll switch over to these alternatives.