– Ben Martens

Best of YouTube

Colin Furze is blowing up YouTube. Almost literally. I recommend that you watch almost all of his videos, but here’s his most recent one. He made a giant fire tornado with fireworks on top to celebrate hitting 4 million subscribers to his channel. Tim, I expect something like this at your next Fourth of July party.

Matt Cremona is an accomplished woodworker, but he’s been spend the past months building a giant bandsaw mill in his back yard. This is a big step up from the chainsaw mill he used before. After cutting some “smaller” logs, he was finally able to load test it with a 53″ cut. The saw didn’t even bog down. If I still lived in Minneapolis I’d be excited to visit Matt and buy some wood from him. It’s probably not economical to drive from Seattle though.

As part of Elijah’s bedtime routine, he gets to watch a few minutes of YouTube. Originally it was usually something like a music video from Caspar Babypants but now he just asks for something and we pull it up. For the past few weeks he has been asking exclusively for Lego videos. That’s how we stumbled across a YouTube user called JANGBRiCKS. He’s a full time YouTuber and he spends his time working on his enormous Lego layout and reviewing new sets that come out. Most of the videos are too long for Elijah’s bedtime, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t continued watching them after finishing putting Elijah to sleep.