– Ben Martens

First Weekend

I promise the motorcycle posts will slow down once the rain returns, but the sunny days and shiny new bike in my garage have been dominating most of my thoughts lately. This past weekend I put a little over 250 miles on the bike with various rides. Tyla and I had our first adventure on the bike when we headed into Ballard to see Matt and Laura and then ran up to Everett and back down Highway 9.

I’m still in love with the bike, and I’m itching to get through the break-in period. For the first 500 miles I have to keep it under 4000 rpm, and then I can take it up to 6000rpm until I hit 1000 miles. After that I’m free to run it as hard as I want (redline around 11,000!)

I have a list on my computer of things I want to add to the bike and it is growing longer by the day. Here’s what I have so far in approximate order of priority from greatest to least:

I’m doing pretty well at holding off on the purchases as the priorities of various items rise and fall in these first days.

I did get some new photos, but only one that I really want to share. I pulled over to the side of the road to shoot some photos, and when I lined up the shot below, I noticed a hawk on the fence post behind my bike! Unfortunately I only got a couple shots before he flew off, but this one turned out pretty well.