– Ben Martens

Gas Crunch

Gas is expensive. The image on the right is one of my new Vista sidebar gadgets that shows gas prices in our area. You can mouse over it to find the cheapest stations. You can see that the average price out here right now is $3.47 making us the second most expensive state in the union. It hasn't changed my driving habits at all, but I'm really happy that I got the Subaru (27-30mpg) instead of the Envoy (12-15mpg.) Soon I'll be back on my motorcycle which gets 50+ mpg and then it will be even better.

There are lots of emails and MySpace messages going around about not buying gas on a certain day. It drives me bonkers. Do you really think this works? If you don't buy gas on Wednesday, you're going to have to buy it sooner or later. There's even a Snopes entry about this:

Gasoline is a fungible, global commodity, its price subject to the ordinary forces of supply and demand. No amount of consumer gimmickry and showmanship will lower its price in the long run; only a significant, ongoing reduction in demand will accomplish that goal.