– Ben Martens

Goodbye Lynch

lynchretirementMarhsawn Lynch has been a staple of the Seahawks since arriving in 2010. I loved his style of running. He’d smash you in the mouth, plow you over, and leave you behind unless you brought two or three other buddies along with you. And sometimes even that didn’t stop him. His “Beast Quake” run is a great example of this:

But now it looks like Lynch’s run (hardy har har) in Seattle might be coming to an end. He’s 30 years old and he already talked about retirement last year. I think that given his popularity, Seattle will happily give him the option to retire. Otherwise he’ll get traded away or just cut and the Sehawks will have about $6.5 million worth of extra room in their salary cap. That could go a long way toward beefing up the pourous offensive line. They could even ask for $5 million in signing bonus back from Lynch if he retires, but I bet they won’t.

Why the sudden change? When Lynch got hurt this year, Thomas Rawls came on board and stunned us. He looked like a younger, fresher Lynch. People went from worrying about Lynch being out for so many games to not caring if he came back.

And when Lynch finally was ready to come back, he didn’t win many friends with his apparent bad attitude. Everyone said he was ready to play. He had three full practices. Then on Friday afternoon he decided he ruled himself out and didn’t even travel with the team. Huh? Not only was it a late surprise, but because he practiced all week, the backups didn’t have as many reps with the offense. When Lynch returned in the game against the Panthers, he didn’t do much of anything and spent quite a bit of time on the sidelines.

It’s like he flipped a switch this season from “nothing can stop me” to a petulant child. And since he has this ridiculous thing where he doesn’t talk to the media, we’ll probably never know the truth.

Back channel rumors have it that he doesn’t have much respect for Carrol in practice and you know how much Pete puts up with stuff like that.

I’ll be shocked if Lynch is wearing a Seahawks jersey next year. And unless I actually hear his side of the story and it’s convincing, then I’m not sure I care. I appreciate all he did in Seattle, but his attitude seems pathetic.