– Ben Martens

2×4 Toy Trucks

toytrucksSteve from Woodworking For Mere Mortals, recently posted a project showing how to make a simple toy truck out of a 2×4. The end result is a truck that can have a pickup bed, camper, or trailer attached to it. Elijah has been asking to play with the semi truck that Grandpa Martens made me. That is special to me and I’d rather leave it on the shelf so I thought this project might be a quick way to get him his own truck.

I had Elijah come out in the garage a couple times to “help” me with the project so he could feel like it was partly his work too. We also made two sets of trucks so that we could give one to his friend Ike as a belated birthday present.

My DIY spray booth came in very handy for putting all this spray paint on in cold, rainy weather. The trucks came out ok. I used scrap 2x4s which was fine but some of them were pretty beaten up. These will be great trucks for the kids to bang on and smash. And if they break and we have to toss them? Well hey, it was only about $2 worth of wood!