– Ben Martens

Simple Spray Booth

sprayboothIt’s really hard to put finishes on projects when it’s so cold and wet. If the fumes are flammable, I can’t let them dry in the garage because the pilot light from our furnace could ignite the fumes. I can’t get outside to spray things very often because of the rain. And whether I spray in the garage or outside, it’s usually well-below the recommended temperature for the finishes.

A couple weeks ago, I built a cheap and simple “spray booth” out of insulation foam. It’s a 2 foot square cube with one side that hinges open. I can set the pieces inside the box and spray them outside even if it’s raining. If I need a little heat, I can stick a space heater in there to warm everything up. I poked a couple holes in the top and ran a line between them inside the box so that I can hang parts and easily spray all the sides.

The only downside so far is that all the fumes exhaust out right in my face as I’m spraying. I have to wear a mask or I quickly get a headache. I bought some SonoTube and I think I might cut a hole in opposite sides so that I can have a fan blowing air through the box as I spray in from the open side. I could also blow warm air through the box that way too.

At well under $10 to make this, it has already more than paid for itself!