– Ben Martens

USB Power Meter

usbpowermeterHave you ever wondered why your phone charges more quickly using some power adapters than others? Some adapters can provide more amps than others. Most standard USB ports provide 0.5 amps but most phones and tablets these days will make use of 1 or even 2 Amps.

When we travel, we carry a small Belkin surge protector with built in USB ports. It has been really convenient, but on this last trip, I noticed that the phones charge really slowly with it. After a little reading, I realized they were only 0.5 amp USB jacks.

Amazon says they have a version that will do at least 1.0 amp to each jack so I ordered that one. When it arrived, I tried it out but wasn’t sure it was really doing what it should. I did some searching and learned that there are USB power testers so I picked one up. Indeed, the new Belkin charger was not providing the power that the description claimed it would so I shipped it back.

I ended up ordering a 5 port USB charging hub that has┬ámore than enough power to charge all our devices at full speed. We’ll throw this in our travel bag and be speedily charged on future trips.