– Ben Martens

Hello Child Of The Future

I’ve been doing this daily blogging thing for over 10 years now, and I often wonder what it would be like if my parents or grandparents had done something like this. Would I read it? Most likely I think I’d go back to read their thoughts on major world events and big changes in their lives. Actually, Grandma Martens does keep a daily journal and I’d be very interested in going back through that at some point.

So as I was writing the post on Friday announcing Tyla’s pregnancy, I had to wonder if that same child would some day grow up and read the post. And if so, how much further will he/she continue to read? How many boring posts will it take before they flip ahead and look for something more interesting? Will they appreciate that I looked up farther and further to make sure I used the right one?

I probably do a disservice to any descendants by writing something every single day instead of just writing the important posts. Zane Lamprey calls Steve McKenna “1 in 10” because one out of every 10 things he says is worth listening to. My batting average is probably less than that. But then again, how can I know what people will find interesting down the road?

Thinking about this makes my head hurt.

Also, I think I’m already behind on your college fund. Sorry kid.