– Ben Martens

Home Depot Trips

They say when you buy a house, the three most important things are location, location and location. I have about a five minute drive to Home Depot so I’d say our location is pretty great! The people there are starting to recognize me, and well they should. Here’s a breakdown of my transactions at Home Depot since we moved got the house at the beginning of October.

  • 72 total transactions consisting of 62 purchases and 10 returns. That’s one purchase every 3.5 days.
  • I end up returning 7.5% (by dollar value) of the things I purchase
  • There are only five weeks that I didn’t go to Home Depot. One of them was the cruise.
  • The most purchases I’ve ever had in one week is six, and that has happened three times.
  • The most purchases I’ve made in one day is three.
  • Sunday is the most popular day for me to make a purchase, followed in order by Monday, Saturday, and Thursday.
  • Home Depot stock has gone up 50% since we purchased our home and has risen to a 10 year high.