– Ben Martens

I’ve Got a Fever

It's funny how some of my strongest memories are stupid things I've said and done. For example, I remember riding in the car with Mrs. Hintz around this time when I was probably 11 or 12. We were sitting at the intersection of Hickory and Cleveland in their old brown minivan. “So Ben, do you have spring fever?” … “Nope, I feel fine. I know a lot of people are getting sick though.” At least we were the only two people in the car for that one. It wasn't nearly as embarrassing as my answer to Mrs. A's “So Ben, have you ever had a yard sale?“ question on the trip from Boston to Harrison in a car full of people I didn't know very well yet. I think the recurring theme here is that I'm a moron.

Anyway, back to my point, I do in fact have spring fever. Our ever-reliable weathermen are predicting 68 degree weather by this weekend. (But then again these are the same weathermen who had live “Winter Storm Coverage” last Friday simply because it was raining all day.) This weekend was still chilly in the 40s but it was sunny. I got my car washed and my motorcycle cleaned and oiled up. It's time for spring. Ski season, such as it was, is winding to a close around here. Until I move west, March means grass showing through the snow.

Every season has it's charm, but the freshness, warmth and vibrant colors of spring make it my favorite. Bring on the warm weather, the sunshine, barbeque's on the deck with friends, and long Saturday rides on the motorcycle. Bring on rollberblading along Kelly Drive, tailgating at Phillies games, and the endless debate over whether or not someone will punch Hibbs at the next softball game.

I'm declaring an end to winter in Philly. It's spring. I'm ready.

PS. If you don't understand the image I chose for this post, watch this SNL clip.