– Ben Martens


It's Friday. The engineers have shunned their tan khakis in favor of jeans that are a little too tight and ditched the brown shoes for the velcro sneaks. It's like a fashion runway at a bingo tournament.

I must say that even though it's rainy and cool outside, I'm in a pretty good mood today. It has been a great week. I've been out of my house the past three evenings and that's always a good thing (except my Xbox is feeling neglected.) Tuesday night was Valentine's Day, Wednesday was our ski trip escape, and last night was a melding of representatives from three different groups of friends at PJ's. (Cue the clip from George on Seinfeld: My worlds are colliding!) My only regret is not getting out on the motorcycle during the warm days we had, but there will be more days time for that in the coming months.

I have no big plans this weekend, but catching up on sleep is high on my list. Sunday afternoon will be filled with HD NASCAR. The rest of the time will be periods of Xbox360, chewing, and sleep (did you know you technically cannot catch up on sleep?) Sounds like a good time to me. Three meetings and 6.5 hours of work stand between me and freedom.