– Ben Martens

Jay’s Cliff

When Jay was out here, we were poking around in Morning Glory Bowl at Crystal. I haven’t spent much time back there and wasn’t a very good guide. We ended up on top of a cliff. I hiked out and came down the easy way but Jay decided to make his way down. Unfortunately he was facing the wrong way, decided to unclick from his skis to turn around, and … well… that’s where the video starts. Thanks to Jay for giving me the thumbs up to post this video. I originally held off because I feel a bit bad for doing nothing but laugh at him, especially since this was partially intentional. My fall the day before was quite a bit worse and was completely unintentional. And at the end of that one he collected my gear and brought it down to me. When he fell, I was already down the hill and just watched him hike back up. I’m such a good friend.

On the way home, Jay realized that he didn’t have his phone. Using my phone, we pulled up the “Find My iPhone” page and the GPS said it was sitting at the bottom of this cliff. Luckily it still had enough juice that he could erase it remotely. Maybe we’ll have to hike this area in the summer and see if we can find it but the odds seem pretty low.