– Ben Martens

Jimmy Graham

jimmy_graham_seahawksThe Seahawks made a big trade to get Jimmy Graham as a TE. They gave up Max Unger to do it which is a pretty big price, but hopefully it’s worth it. I won’t get into the discussion about whether or not this was a good idea (I’m unqualified), but here’s one interesting point: last year Graham had 85 catches for 889 yards and 10 TDs. That would BY FAR make him the most prolific receiver on the Seahawks. The Seahawks only had 20 TD passes total the whole season!

Obviously he isn’t going to magically come into this offense and put up those numbers. He got those numbers catching balls from a future Hall of Fame QB, Drew Brees, in a pass happy offense, but it will be fun to see how this changes the Seahawks offense. Willson, Helfet and Moeaki are going to see a lot less playing time now and I doubt whether the Seahawks will keep all those¬†tight ends¬†around.