– Ben Martens

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

On Friday afternoon, Tim, Chelsea, Andy, Stephanie and I headed down the road to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. It's less than an hour from home near Black Diamond and Enumclaw. The park itself wasn't all that special, but we had a nice campsite and a lot of laughs.

As we sat around the fire on Friday night, somebody thought they heard something. Flashlights flipped on and a pair of glowing eyes stared back from the edge of our campsite. It was a full grown raccoon. We scared it away, but it reappeared three more times that night in different parts of the campsite. On Saturday, we peed a perimeter around the campsite. Did it work? I don't know but we only saw the raccoon once on Saturday night and it didn't get as close as before. Also, it was fun to try to pee all the way around the campsite.

Other than peeing, we went on a little hike on Saturday. The park borders the Green River rapids. While the trail didn't give us great views, it was pretty impressive. They have class II, III, and IV rapids, and it was neat to see them up close.

We played a little bocce ball and a lot of cornhole. Our games of cornhole usually get a lot of attention from other campers, but this time was a little different. We only got two comments. One was a little kid riding past who said, "They're still playing that game?!" and an older lady who said, "Oh, I see, you have to drink when they get it in the hole. Now I like it."

A little rain on Saturday night made for a wet night, but we had strung some tarps up over the tents to help keep us dry and they worked fairly well.

All in all, I'd say it was a very successful start to the camping season!

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