– Ben Martens

Kawasaki Concours 14 Maintenance Videos

One hour of a motorcycle mechanic’s time costs about $80. Coincidentally, that’s how much this set of nine maintenance DVDs costs. They arrived in my mailbox this week and I already feel more confident in doing some of these basic tasks. Doing maintenance on a motorcycle always makes me a bit nervous since there isn’t much room for error, but having these videos to show me the way helps a lot. Oh, and as the site says, these are for entertainment only. Right. They aren’t professionally produced by any means, but they do the job.

Here are some of the topics these videos cover:

  • Oil change
  • Front/rear tire removal and replacement
  • Gas tank removal
  • Valve adjustment
  • Removing the fairings.
  • Coolant change
  • Brake/clutch fluid change
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Fork oil change

This actually seems like a great business idea. You could sell these for all the most popular cars and motorcycles.