– Ben Martens

Lemme Hear Those Pipes

Ever since I bought my motorcycle, I've wanted to do something to fix the pipes. The previous owner had blued the pipes (overheating) and it really detracted from the look of the bike. I was at the Kawasaki dealer the other day and asked how much it would be for new pipes. He replied, "$800. I suggest you check out eBay." Why hadn't I thought of that?

I ended up getting pipes from a 2003 Vulcan (mine is a 1995) for under $100 shipped to my door. These new pipes are significantly bigger and longer, but they fit on the bike without too much trouble. The only disappointment is that they are a bit quieter. My old pipes were borderline obnoxiously loud so I'm sure my neighbors will appreciate the new pipes.

The good news is that the bike looks great now. Bling bling!