– Ben Martens

Ticawa Recap

Whew… that was a long trip. It was two layovers and both ways because I'm too cheap to pay extra for better plane tickets. I was up for almost 24 hours on Sunday because of my early flight coupled with the time change.

But you know what? I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The weather couldn't have been much better. We had sun just about every day and it got quite warm on the weekend. Saturday night we had a great light show as some strong thunderstorms rolled through.

Activities included taking the boat through the Songo River Locks and into Sebago Lake, golfing, skiing, a water balloon slingshot, tons of great food, a mystery puma stalking Lauren and Andy's window, Market Basket pizza, and miscellaneous relaxation. My camera stayed in my room most of the weekend but I did snap a few pics. The first 20 pictures in the Camp Ticawa gallery are new.

Once again, a huge thanks to the Abendroths for letting me crash their family vacation. I'd love to come back for the 50th anniversary of camp so please keep me in the loop!