– Ben Martens

Lots o’ Legos

In on of my recent Best of YouTube posts, I mentioned a user named JANGBRICKS, but I think he deserves his own post. His real name is Bamidele, but he goes by the name JANG which stands for “Just a Nice Guy.”

Elijah likes to watch his Lego videos, but he has lots of other collections like Playmobil, Halo stuff, and knives. I don’t know where all his money comes from, but he worked for PayPal and EduSoft in the past.

Regardless of how he does it, his Lego collection is enormous. In a recent video, he mentioned that he has about 500,000 pieces that came from buying Lego setes and a couple tens of thousands more from custom orders. If you figure an average price of $0.10/piece, that’s a big investment, but honestly, it’s not as much as I thought when I saw his setup.

On his YouTube channel, he reviews all (?) the new Lego sets and he also shows custom builds that he does for his big city. He states many places that Lego does not sponsor him at all and everything is bought with his own money. His custom builds are a treat to watch. He’s a magician with Legos.

If you enjoy Legos, this is a great channel to subscribe to.