– Ben Martens

Miles Per Dollar

Historically we've been focused on how many miles per gallon you can drive. It's an interesting exercise to take a slightly different view and look at miles per dollar. [via Digg] This takes into account local gas prices and your MPG. It would be slightly more interesting if they factored in typical maintenance costs for your car, but this is a good start. My Mustang gets 5.86 MP$ and my motorcycle is 14.41 MP$. That means it costs me about $3.50 more in gas to take my car to work than my motorcycle.

Some of you know that I'm in the market for a new car. I have a specific one in mind but I'll leave that off the blog for now. I'm curious which car you would pick based on my requirements.

  1. Seat four adults "comfortably." That is in quotes because comfort is a relative term. This requirement basically means four doors.
  2. Full or part time four wheel drive (or all wheel drive.) This is a ski vehicle so I don't want to be afraid of snow.
  3. 25+ miles per gallon. I'm usually on the low end of the city/hwy MPG range.
  4. Room for four people on a ski or camping trip. I'm open to roof cargo carriers. If I don't have a cargo carrier, I'll have a roof ski rack.

Those are the filters I have been applying to lists of cars. What would you pick based on those requirements? Are my filters flawed? I'm open to feedback.

If I've told you what vehicle I'm leaning towards, please don't post it in the comments.