– Ben Martens


The Zune video made a bit of a splash on YouTube. It was in the top 100 most popular videos in the car section for most of the day. I also sent it to the Zune discussion list at work, and one of the guys (Duncan) who writes for On10 saw it. If you haven't heard of On10 before, it's like Channel9. If you haven't heard of Channel 9 either, they're Microsoft-run websites that give you a peak behind the scenes. Channel9 is usually focused more on interviewing people on projects and On10 is more like the old TechTV (including some of the people from that station.)

I re-recorded the demo (minus Billy Ocean) and he posted it on the site today with his own introduction and explanation. Thanks to Duncan for posting it!

Ben Martens, a Microsoft employee and Zune enthusiast sent us over this video of him using his Zune with his Pioneer in-car stereo/navigation system and, being the extroverted type of folks that we are, we thought you might want to check it out.