– Ben Martens

Network Cabling

While I would love to have network cable installed in the entire house and run to a nice patch panel, realistically that’s either going to take me forever or cost a lot of money. So for now I’ve settled with running a couple wires from the family room to the theater room. The rooms sit on top of each other and share a wall in the garage, so it was a pretty simple job. I ran the cable out through the wall in the family room to the garage, up the other side of the wall, and then punched through into the theater room. It ended up looking really nice because all of the networking gear can stay upstairs in that room and the family room just gets the TV and a PC to drive it.

One great tip I got from Logan was to drive a six inch nail through the wall before cutting into it. This not only helps you locate where you need to cut on the other side of the wall, but it will also give you a hint if you’re trying to cut through something solid between the walls.

This is a tiny step forward, but I’m excited about what this room is going to turn into!

P.S. You may have noticed that I started a new blog category called “Man Cave.” Any time I do an improvement to that room, I’ll be posting it with this tag so that you can find them all easily if you are interested.