– Ben Martens

No More Custard

peakscustardlogoAfter Tyla and I bought our new kitchen table last month, we decided to celebrate with some Peaks Frozen Custard. We love their custard but don’t get to go very often because it’s on the Seattle side of the lake. Since we were already over there, it seemed like a good fit.

I did some quick searching around to find the quickest route there and discovered that they were closed. Not just closed for the day, but closed permanently. And what’s more, they had been closed for 1.5 YEARS! Wow! I, umm, guess it had been a while since we were there.

The couple articles available online don’t offer a strong reason why they quit. This article provides most of the information that I found and they quote the now-defunct Peaks website as saying:

We could not be more grateful to all of you amazing custardmers. It has been 5 years of wonderful. So why would we close? Peaks is a small family business that takes 100% of our families attention. We had fun, but now we’re on to a new lifestyle! At the same time, our lease comes to an end- so it was renew, relocate or stop!

Goodbye Peaks! I’m sorry we didn’t visit you more often!