– Ben Martens


I was flipping through the OnDemand section of our digital cable subscription and was surprised at some of the content they have on there. You can get a lot of the new movies that are out on DVD as well as some of the more popular TV shows, but of course you have to pay for all that. The free selections aren't too bad. For example, what happens when the karaoke bar changes their karaoke night? Just head on home and flip on the cable box. There are karaoke songs out there! And what happens when you get tired of hearing your friends belt out barely recognizable tunes and you want some authentic NJ lovin'? Flip on over to the section full of Bon Jovi music videos! They have music lessons for guitar and piano as well as a couple movies that I've actually heard of (including Warren Miller and Monty Python.) Comcast has a website that lets you search through all the content which is a lot easier than using the on screen guide. There's a lot of junk out there but there are a few gems worth finding. Now if only I could get OnDemand HD content.