– Ben Martens

Outfeed Table

When I push wood off the end of my table saw, it just falls over the end, or if I’m not too lazy, I get out my new roller stands to catch the wood. It’s not the safest setup. I also lack a nice big area to build stuff so I end up building on the floor a lot. It was time for a change.

Enter the dual purpose outfeed/assembly table. I built it all out of a couple sheets of 3/4″ plywood. It’s about 1/8″ lower than my table saw to easily catch wood without getting caught up. I routed some channels into it that align with the miter slots on the table saw so that jigs and such have a place to go as I push them through the saw.

It’s also a great place to assemble projects. It’s on nice caster wheels so I can pull it out if needed or even roll it outside to use as a painting surface. The top is two layers of plywood. The top is meant to be unscrewed and flipped over or replaced every once in a while as it gets cut up or if it gets wet and the plywood delaminates.

The only additional thing I have in mind for it right now is a dispenser for a big roll of brown paper. It would go right along one of the side rails and easily pull across the table. I don’t need to keep the table pristine, but sometimes it’s nice to have easy cleanup.

It’s pretty big (4×4) partially because that was a convenient size to use up the plywood, but also because I’m hoping to buy a CNC machine next year. The one I have my eye on is about 1 meter by 1 meter. I think I’ll be able to fit it on the bottom shelf of this table and pull it out when I use it (or just use it down there if I don’t have a bunch of monkeying around to do.)

I’ve really been pounding out these bigger projects. They were queued up waiting for me to get a truck so that it was easier to buy plywood. I’ve just about burned through that list and now it’s time to get to some smaller projects again.


2 thoughts on “Outfeed Table

  1. Dudley

    Nice! Do the saw and out feed table latch together in any way to keep the miter slots aligned, or are the caster brakes sufficient?