– Ben Martens

PVC Bath Toys

My son loves to play with water from hoses and tubes. While watching him splash around in the tub the other night, I got an idea for some PVC toys. A quick search revealed that lots of other people have had this revelation too. Here’s how to make your own set:

The project is simple. Grab an assortment of PVC elbows and T’s from your home improvement store. I chose 2” but go with whatever looks good to you. They’re a couple bucks each so you might want to start small and see if you like the idea before buying a bunch of them. While you’re there, pick up a some suction cups. I found them over by the picture hanging hardware. The little ones that hold 1 pound each work fine.

Drill two or three holes in each PVC piece that’s just big enough to hold the suction cup. I then used white Gorilla glue to hold them in place because that’s what I had on hand. So far it is holding up to tugs and pulls.

Once the glue has set, stick them to your tub wall and pour water in them. It’s not perfect but with a little practice you can get water to fall from piece to piece. I might also pick up some tubing to connect them, but this is plenty of fun for now.