– Ben Martens

Queen Size Storage Bed

The bed project is partially complete! Last week I finished painting the bed and the drawer fronts, and over the weekend I assembled the drawer fronts and Tyla helped me move it in place. Overall, I’m pretty happy. By no means is it a fancy bed, but for a guest room, it works fine. It gives us a lot of storage.

My two main complaints are:
1) Plain white latex paint on the pine lends itself to a lot of scuff marks. I’m wondering if I should have tried to coat it with lacquer or poly.
2) The mattress fits well in the bed frame but since the mattress is round on the corners, you can see down into the bed frame. I think I might add some wood in those areas and paint it white to hide the view into the substructure.

But neither of those are super serious problems. I’ll build the headboard next.

Thank you Steve Ramsey for the initial inspiration for this design!


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