– Ben Martens

Steve Ramsey

wwmmlogoAt least 2/3 of my TV viewing happens from YouTube channels now. This isn’t news for millennials, but for an old-fogey like me, it’s still a bit of a novelty. I love being able to find content that is exactly tailored to my current interest and is made by people who are easily approachable.

I’ve written before about Steve Ramsey. He has a fantastic channel called “Woodworking for Mere Mortals.” He makes a project every week and it’s usually something that any of us non-professional woodworkers could handle. My current guest bed project is based almost entirely his design.

In one of his recent videos, he mentioned that he had some stickers left over and that he would send them out if you sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope. I love stickers and it seemed like a good opportunity to say thank you to him since I had just finished watching every single video on his channel. He not only sent me some stickers but he took the time to hand-write a note to me. When’s the last time you got a handwritten note that wasn’t a birthday card?

So thank you Steve for the stickers, but thank you even more for all the great content you produce! And thanks for taking the time to write me a personal note. I’m going to attach it to the inside of the bedframe so that I can find it down the road and smile all over again.