– Ben Martens

Safeway Monopoly Recap

A year ago, I wrote a post detailing the terrible odds of the Safeway Monopoly game. And yet I still played it this year.

I had a pretty good setup for processing the tickets. Now that I have an Android phone, I loaded the app that lets you scan the second chance tickets automatically instead of typing them all in. I also created an Excel spreadsheet to help me keep track of which game pieces I had received and figure out if I had any winners.

Here’s what I won:

  • About 6 free donut coupons
  • ~$30 worth of free or discount coupons for products that I actually use
  • $5 cash
  • $5 Safeway gift card
  • ~9 free movie rentals from Fandango Now

The last one was the most common one. Many of the second chance game pieces went towards free rentals on the Fandango Now service. It’s not a service that I use otherwise, but hey, free is good. We’ve used three of those free rentals while my parents were visiting and I don’t have any complaints about the service.

So was it worth my time? Definitely not. But I still had fun and won a little more than last year so I guess that’s probably enough to keep me going next year.

The only difference is that I saved a few of the game pieces and I want to write an app that will automatically detect which board game pieces I have. Those could all go into a database along with the pieces from any friends who want to play with me. It will save us all the time of typing them in and we can pool our resources.