– Ben Martens

Security Questions

Many sites still use “security” questions to help you retrieve your account. When you first create an account, they ask you things like “What was the name of your first pet?” and “What color was your first car?” Even if you’re doing well and using a long, random, unique password for that site, you probably just destroyed your security by answering those questions. I’m pretty sure I could answer most of those questions for some of my friends. This is a common route for hackers too, especially with all the information available on social media sites.

Pro-tip: you can lie. It’s ok. I already use Last Pass to create and store random, unique, strong passwords for every single account so I just generate more random characters for these security questions. In Last Pass, there’s a notes field for every account that you store so I drop the questions and answers right in that note field so I have them for later if I need to retrieve my account via the security questions.

Yes, I changed these after taking the screenshot.