– Ben Martens

Sharing Big Files

So you need to share a big file or a bunch of files that add up to a lot. This problem has been around since time began and it’s often still easier to hand someone a physical piece of media like an SD card or a CD. But there are (free) ways to do it online and they aren’t terribly difficult. I can think of a dozen different ways to do it off the top of my head, but I’m going to pick one and yes, it’s a Microsoft solution. What did you expect?

  1. You probably already have a Microsoft account (,,, etc), but if you don’t go sign up for one.
  2. Visit You have a bunch of free space to store and share files.
  3. Create a folder for your files that you want to share.
  4. Upload the files into this folder.
  5. Go back to that folder, select it and then click Share.
  6. Choose “Get a link” from the left side. “View Only” should be selected by default on the right and that’s probably good.
  7. Click Create link.
  8. A link is generated and you can email that to the people you want to share it with. Anyone with that link will be able to get to the files you shared.

Cue the “The More You Know” music.