– Ben Martens

South Shore Train Crash NTSB Report

If you don’t know that I was in a train crash in 1993, you should get caught up by reading this blog post. If this had happened 10 years later, the internet would be full of stories and photos about the event, but as it is, it’s almost impossible to find anything. Back in college, I wrote to the National Transportation Safety Board and requested a copy of PB93-916304 NTSB/RAR-93/03. It came to me as 25 photocopied pages. The quality isn’t great, but it’s the best I have to work with. I scanned the whole thing in so you can download the PDF and read it for yourself. (UPDATE 2023-07-17: I see the NTSB has posted it on their website now.) I know many of you won’t be interested in this, but I’m posting it mostly so that other people can find a copy of it if they need it.

These two photos from the document are the only ones I have. (Maybe Mom saved some newspapers?) I’m not positive, but I believe the top picture is the first of three cars on our train and the bottom picture is the third of the three cars.