– Ben Martens

Upcoming Projects

The new house is coming together (aside from slight techincal difficulties with the dryer last night … there's no room in the breaker box for another circuit breaker.) There are two geek projects currently underway.

Mach Video

Jay and I will soon be making a trek to Virginia along with the other 2002 LDP's for the LDC3 conference. Along the way, we're going to stick a webcam in the car and take pictures with it about every second. We'll then combine the pictures into a video and you can see what it looks like to drive at about Mach 3 down to Virginia. This sounds kind of dumb, but I've seen it done before and it usually comes out looking pretty cool. I wrote up a program last night to control the webcam and store all the images.

Theater Room

I believe this is the first time I'm officially announcing this. Jay and I will be turning the first floor living room in our new house into our very own theater. Last night we hooked up the projector and planned out the stadium seating. Before long I will be making a separate page for updates about this project so you can follow along if you're interested. If it comes out even half as good as we're planning it should be a sight to behold.