– Ben Martens

USB Charging Speed

fastchargingOur new Galaxy S7 phones have the ability to¬†do 2 amp fast charging. It can take a 10% battery up to 90% in under and hour. That’s super convenient!

I’ve written earlier about how to test the amperage of your various chargers but it never occurred to me that your total¬†amperage depends not only on the charger you’re using but also on the cable. All USB cables are not created equally! Most cheap cables are not thick enough to handle a larger current so you’ll only get 500mah or maybe 1amp charging with them. If your phone and your charger both support 2 amp (or even 3 amp) charging, make sure you have a 28/24 gauge USB cable.

This post on reddit explains a bit more if you’re curious.

2 thoughts on “USB Charging Speed

  1. Dudley

    Have you noticed a difference in the amount of heat in the phone while you’re doing the quick charge?

    1. Ben

      Yep, it definitely warms up. If you’re only concerned about maximizing battery life over the lifetime of the device, don’t ever quick charge. But I have no problem doing it once every day or two. At night I do a slow charge though since it’s easier on the battery and I’m not in a hurry.