– Ben Martens

Washington Ski Areas Average Opening Dates

We had an early start to the ski season around here this year. Snoqualmie is the lowest elevation and is still waiting for enough snow, but everyone else is open. Years ago I made a chart of the opening dates on the Seattle PI blog. I’ve updated it this year with the help from some fellow skiers at work.

Whistler Baker   Stevens Summit Crystal
2006 17-Nov 13-Nov 17-Nov 2-Dec 15-Nov
2007 17-Nov 29-Nov 18-Dec 15-Dec 1-Dec
2008 26-Nov 14-Dec 18-Dec 11-Dec 27-Nov
2009 14-Nov 12-Nov 19-Nov 14-Nov 11-Nov
2010 19-Nov 20-Nov 1-Dec 25-Nov 19-Nov
2011 18-Nov 18-Nov 19-Nov 19-Nov 18-Nov
2012 17-Nov 21-Nov 20-Nov 8-Dec 21-Nov
2013 16-Nov 21-Nov 16-Nov 10-Jan 20-Nov
2014 22-Nov 20-Dec 20-Dec 28-Dec 21-Nov
2015 19-Nov 19-Nov 4-Dec 11-Dec 21-Nov
2016 23-Nov 25-Nov 29-Nov 6-Dec 25-Nov
2017 17-Nov 16-Nov 16-Nov 2-Dec 15-Nov
Average 18-Nov 24-Nov 28-Nov 8-Dec 20-Nov