– Ben Martens

Werner Multi-Function Ladder

We spent a lot of time painting this weekend, and before we got started, I knew I was going to need some ladders. I figured I would need a step ladder and an extension ladder, but being the geek I am, I found one ladder that does both. It’s available from a lot of places, but one of the cheapest is Amazon and you can get it with 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime!

It turned out to be even more useful than I thought it would be. You can use it as a regular step ladder but you can set it at different heights between 5’ and 9’. As an extension ladder, it will go all the way out to 22’. And as an unexpected (and probably not recommended) bonus, when you get close to a corner, you can decrease the height of one side of the stepladder to bring you closer to the corner. The same idea applies if you want to set up the ladder on the stairs.

The biggest drawback is the weight. It’s a heavy ladder, but given it’s flexibility and price, I’m very happy that I bought it.

Plus, you get to have this video run through your head the whole time you’re using it. (No, the ladder in the video isn’t the one I bought and the one I bought doesn’t support this configuration.)