– Ben Martens

Your Favorite Team

There are a lot of transplanted people in my group at work and with all the recent hubub about the Seahawks, there have been some interesting discussions about team loyalty, bandwagons, etc. I’ve heard two opposing viewpoints:

  1. You grow up being a fan of a team and you are their fan forever.
  2. You should cheer for the team in the town where you live.

I think I do a little of both. I’ll always have nostalgia for the Cubs and Purdue, but as I’ve moved around, I’ve also cheered for the local team. I even cheer for UW now after they broke my heart beating Purdue in the 2001 Rose Bowl. It’s easier to follow the games on TV, easier to attend them, easier to find apparel, and it’s more fun for me to be cheering along with other city residents. Tell that to group #1 though and you get told that you’re a disloyal bandwagon fan.

Which side do you fall on?